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Reel Combo Systems  - Fly Fishing Made Easy!

Are you having trouble threading the tippet into that "oh-so small" eyelet while fishing for the big ones? If so, fly fishing just became much easier and much faster!

Reel Combo Systems has just created two incredible products that will increase your time in the water and revolutionize the way we all fly fish...the Adam Milstein and the Nymph Dropper System. It's dual because experts agree fish prefer to see two flies instead of one. It's easier and much faster because we've already done the tying for you.  You only need to tie one knot , not four!  With these products, you can add flies to your line in a matter of seconds - not minutes!  


 pastillas para bajar de peso - For the Expert Fishermen and Fly Fishing Guides, we quickly provide custom orders of any Dual Fly Combo System or Nymph Dropper System! 

Reel Combo Systems has combined the most popular patterns of towing calgary, dry flies, emergers, and nymphs, and has partnered them with top quality tippet material.  Plus, it comes pre-tied and ready to go. With Reel Combo System'sDual Fly Combo System and the Nymph Dropper System you are back in the water in a matter of seconds.




Dual Fly Combo System Includes:
12 Pre-Tied Flies on 5x Tippet
6 Pre-Wound Foam Reels 
Plastic Durable Case

Nymph Dropper System Includes:
6 Pre-Tied Flies on 5x Tippet
6 Pre-Wound Foam Reels
Plastic Durable Case

 Pre-Tied Dropper Rigs - Product Review by MIDCURRENT.COM
"Taking some of the guesswork out of fishing a dry-fly and dropper combination, Reel Combo Systems offers several combinations of pre-tied dual-fly rigs -- not a bad idea for those new to this effective technique or just trying to save time. If only to get ideas for your own tandem rigs, check out their many dual-fly combos."

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